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Tear Trough treatment

24th January 2018


The Tear Trough


The tear trough is the area where the lower eyelid meets the cheek.  This is where Tear Trough Treatment is focused.
As part of the ageing process , tissue ( primarily fat ) is lost from the area below the eyelid and the tear trough becomes deeper . This can result in hollows which lead to a ‘ sunken ‘ appearance. The skin becomes thinner as well and the shadowing from the deformity starts to show as a dark circle beneath the eye .
A common complaint from patients is that they always look tired , worn out , and old as a result of these changes.

Non-Surgical Tear Trough treatment at Whitehall Facial Aesthetics

Non-Surgical augmentation of the tear trough with Hyaluronic acid dermal fillers Is becoming increasingly popular.

Patients in their 3rd and 4th decades often have a tear trough defect as either the first or indeed the only sign of ageing . The loss of tissue volume at the cheek / eyelid junction is replaced by injecting dermal filler without the need for surgery.

At Whitehall Facial Aesthetics we use Restylane which is based Hyaluronic Acid a naturally occurring substance already present in the body.

We place the filler deep ( just above the bone) so as to lift the overlying tissues and skin. This results in the Trough becoming shallower and narrower with immediate effect. The dark circles around the eyes are often due to shadowing from the defect and in these cases there is often a marked improvement in this as well when the filler is placed.

Restylane has an excellent safety record and is non-permanent.
It is absorbed by the body over a period of around 12 months (in this area) but the procedure can be repeated when necessary.
Hyaluronic acid carries the added benefit that it is possible to dissolve it by injecting the enzyme Hyaluronidase into the area, in the rare case of complications or dissatisfaction.

The Tear Trough Treatment Procedure at Whitehall Facial Aesthetics

Tear trough treatment can be carried out using local anaesthetic applied to the skin some 15 minutes prior to commencement. The procedure is very well tolerated by the majority of patients who find it virtually painless.

Recovery after treatment is very quick, although some swelling and bruising is quite common. This is usually mild in nature and is easily concealed with make up. It mostly resolves over the week following treatment.
Dr Davies uses Restylane to treat tear troughs often using micro-cannula technique deep in the trough to lift the overlying tissues.
More superficial areas are treated with sub-dermal injection using standard fine needle in fanning technique.

The effect of the treatment usually lasts 12 to 18 months by which time the filler will have been resorbed and repeat treatment will be necessary to maintain the enhancement.

Side effects and Complications

Recognised side effects are mild swelling and bruising already mentioned above.

Rarely patients with thin skin risk being able to see the Filler appearing blue beneath the skin in certain lighting. This can be avoided by only treating deeply with micro-cannula in these situations.

Very rare complications are migration of the filler and infection.
Migration of the filler is very rare but is usually when the filler has been injected under high pressure in a ‘ bolus ‘ . This is where experienced injection technique and detailed anatomical knowledge are so important.

Infection is avoided using strict aseptic technique, it is very rare and readily treatable with antibiotics .

There are extremely rare but reported cases of vision loss as a result of Dermal Filler treatment of the face. It can theoretically occur due to the connection of the facial blood supply to the posterior of the eye.
Depth of anatomical knowledge, injection technique, operator skill and experience all have a part to play in minimising any risks.



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