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Threadlift at Whitehall Facial Aesthetics

21st October 2017

What is a Threadlift  used for ?

PDO Threadlift is used mainly in lower face and predominantly the jaw line and neck. These areas have always been a real challenge for us when trying to provide non-surgical aesthetic improvement.
We have been able to help by using a combination of Dermal filler and botulinum toxin. The results we can achieve in this area are however disappointing compared to the mid and upper face. The main reason is that we need some form of lifting and tightening , to improve the sagging of the jowls and neck.Previously this was only achievable with a surgical facelift and General Anaesthetic.
After spending some months looking at different Thread lift systems I came to a conclusion. PDO threads were without doubt the best option currently available. Further to that the 5 cog lift, pioneered by Dr Jacques Otto, offered the most effective, minimally invasive solution , which would enable me to lift and tighten the mid and lower face.

What is a Threadlift?

The threads we use are Polydioxanone (hence PDO).
Polydioxanone has been used for resorbable sutures in both general surgery and dental surgery for many years. It’s safety record is well established.
Compared to other available resorbable threads , PDO is the longest lasting, taking around 130-180 days to resorb.
The threads are of 2 main types – plain ( these can be mono, double and screw) and Cog ( or barbed).

How does a Threadlift work ?

Using cog threads gives an immediate mechanical lift . Fibrosis and collagen deposition around the threads occurs. This gives a further tightening and lifting effect over the next 3-4 months .
Plain threads do not give a mechanical lift but create collagen formation, fibrosis and to a lesser degree lipolysis (or fat loss).
They act as ‘scaffolding’ and are often used in combination with a cog lift.
Using these threads we can achieve a number of things for patients:
* We can create a mechanical lift to the lower and mid face
* We can contour the jaw line and neck
* We can reduce wrinkles and folds
* We can tighten and improve the skin
* We can reduce double chins

Am I suitable for a Threadlift ?

Patients most suitable for thread lifting are beginning to experience sagging of the mid and lower face. This creates jowls and perhaps loose skin on the neck.
PDO Thread lifting can be used in conjunction with almost all other facial aesthetic procedures. This can often give the best possible results.

How long do the results of Threadlift last for ?

Results can last between 2-3 years but this is dependent on a number of factors : Patients age , skin laxity, habits / lifestyle and upon the number of threads inserted.
The cog lift is carried out using local anaesthesia to ensure it is not painful and it is a relatively low risk procedure.
Infection is the main risk but this is reduced as we use antibiotic cover prior to and immediately following the cog lift.

What is the cost of a Threadlift at Whitehall Facial Aesthetics?

Five Thread cog Facial lifts are from £1500 .

If you would like to know more about Thread lifting and whether you may be a suitable candidate. Please arrange a no obligation consultation.

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