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Known as the 8 Point Facelift, this treatment is hugely popular with middle-aged ladies who want to get some of the benefits of a lift without undergoing a surgical facelift. The 8 point facelift or Liquid Facelift, uses a combination of dermal fillers and Botox injections to target soft tissue areas, wrinkles and fine lines.

During the treatment, eight specific zones of the face are targeted to firm up sagging skin, restore lost tissue and remove lines, wrinkles and other signs of ageing.

  1. Zygoma: the first injection is administered over the zygomatic arch bone (cheekbone).
  2. Maxilla and Zygoma: the second area targeted is the between the zygomatic and the maxilla (upper jawbone).
  3. Malar Fat Pad: the third treatment area is malar fat pad, (AKA buccal fat pad), which is the fleshy area of the cheek.
  4. Canine Fossa: the fourth injection targets the canine fossa, which is the flesh located on the maxilla by the naval cavity.
  5. Oral Commissure: the fifth area treated is the oral commissure (AKA labial commissure of the mouth) which is the fine area where the upper lip meets the lower lip.)
  6. Jowl Line: the sixth injection is applied to the lower cheek jowl.
  7. Mandible: the seventh treatment area is the mandible (jawbone) where the injection is applied to the angle fraction.
  8. Zygomatic Hollow: the final facial point treated is the hollow area between the zygomatic arch and the mandible.

We use this technique as a basis and tailor it to suit the needs of each individual patient. We use Azzalure® and Restylane® for these procedures it results in dramatic improvement with minimal ‘downtime’.The main side effects tend to be localised minor swelling and or bruising. We minimise this by using top quality products and by using micro-cannula ( blunt needle technique) to inject the dermal filler.

It is not painful- both topical and regional local anaesthetic is used.


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