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Profhilo® is a new revolutionary product taking the Facial Aesthetics industry by storm.

Winner of Product Innovation of the Year, 2016 – The Aesthetics Awards

Profhilo® is an effective and natural looking treatment, producing striking facial rejuvenation.

Profhilo® is a bio-remodelling treatment which works to cure wrinkles rather than just fill them. It improves skin laxity and sagging by very effectively stimulating production of all 4 types of natural collagen and elastin . This tightens and lifts the skin , improves its texture and tone leading to a radiant more youthful appearance.


Thanks to the unique characteristics of Profhilo®, your skin condition can be visibly improved after just 2 sessions, with a 1 month interval, and only 5 injection points on each side of the face.

The loose , sagging and Crepey skin of the neck has always been difficult to address non-surgically. Profhilo® is fast becoming the treatment of choice for this area , using 5 injection points again over 2 sessions.

Profhilo® For neck

Profhilo® is 100% Hyaluronic acid of patented high and low molecular weights of unique formula. It is injected far more superficially than a Dermal Filler . It has a consistency similar to honey and following injection it is slowly absorbed into a 2cm area around the injection site.

The 5 injection sites on both the face and neck are selected to effectively manage the key areas affected by the ageing process.

Profhilo® Injection points


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